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Although from an Asian Organization, this website gave a fair overview of Malaysia in the examination of its colonial past.

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The Asian Recipes Company had an extensive collection of Asian, including Malaysian, food recipes to use for our food section.

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 This brief article discusses Malaysian politics in an editorial, opinionated article.

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A completely objective government organization, the CIA lists all the pertinent statistics, necessary for a complete exploration into Malaysia today.

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The Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board gave insightful background specifically into the crafts of Malaysia.

Munan, Heidi. Cultures of the World: Malaysia. New York: Benchmark Books, 2002.
This book was really helpful, by giving useful information about Malaysia's background and culture. It's information about the culture was more detailed and accurate than anywhere else either on the web or in print.

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Again, the Malaysia Tourism website presents Malaysia in a very positive light, but also allows visitors to the website to see the colorful cultural elements of Malaysia.

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The article in “The Economist” explores politics in Malaysia, giving useful information for the politics slide.

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A nonprofit organization, Unicef examines statistics concerning today’s health concerns in Malaysia.

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As a government website, the United States Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs details the basic information of Malaysia and the current issues facing the nation. Although from a western country, the United States has generally good relations with Malaysia and in no way intends to defame the country.

Wikipedia Encyclopedia. “Kuala Lumpur.” Malaysia. 11 Dec 2006 <>.
Wikipedia, an objective encyclopedia, cites all of its sources and provides helpful background information about Malaysia and its capital in particular.

About the authors:
Liz and Kaitlin are both high school seniors at Castilleja School. They enrolled in Modern East Asian Studies and have spent the last semester discussing and examining the history and current issues facing modern east Asia. Liz, a basketball player, and Kaitlin, a swimmer, both enjoyed learning more about Malaysia through studying scholarly articles, political debates, and informational maps.