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This course introduces students to three powerhouse Asian countries: Korea, Japan, and China, as well as the themes and ideas that link nations within all of Asia. Students will examine the past to explain contemporary issues, hear from guest speakers, watch movies, analyze scholarly research, and master the geography of the region. Each student will also be responsible for further research on a specific country of their choosing. The research will be presented to their colleagues as a website lesson.

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Contemporary Maritime Piracy/Summer Reading


Project worksheet

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Maritime piracy in Asia has become a major threat to efficient markets and economic development as this title suggests. You will spend time in the library researching contemporary articles on the issue and comparing the analysis to your own impressions of your summer reading.

Korea Nuclear Rountable Negotiations:

project assignment

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Working in pairs you will research the positions of one of the "big six" involved in the North Korean disarmament talks. You will develop a diplomatic strategy and then negotiate to achieve your country's best interests.

There will be a library day devoted to finding resources and working on the computers.


Japanese War Crimes Tribunal


project requirements

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Japan's imperial agenda prompted it to colonize one sovereign nation (Korea), overtake a semi-independent nation (Manchuria) and eventually invade China. Japanese colonial actions brutalized the local population and pillaged the national resources. After Japan's defeat in WWII, the UN organized a war crimes tribunal (similar to the Nuremberg trials for Nazi war criminals) to adjudicate the crimes of the Japanese. You will research Japan's colonial activities and then the tribunal trial itself to analyze the role of international human rights law and the efficacy of trials to implement it.

2d Quarter Project:

Individual Country Projects

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student projects


project requirements

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The class will be divided into pairs to research individual countries in Asia not specifically addressed in the class.  Each pair will:

  • produce a website to present to the class;
  • select, research, present a scholarly article on the country;
  • present a map describing an issue facing the country


    An on-line resource to provide blank maps for classroom use is:

    University of Texas has map CIA maps available if you want to utilize them:



    Scholarly Article:

    Some ideas of scholarly journals to look for articles in:

    Asian Affairs

    Asian Journal

    Journal of Asian History

    Journal of Asian Studies

    Modern Asian Studies



    Dreamweaver has a tutorial on how to create website.


    You will need at least one geographic image and then three images to support your major historical fact.


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