University of California, Santa Cruz                                                                                                                                                                 

Ph.D. degree conferred June, 1998.

M.A. degree conferred June, 1993.  MA thesis topic: "Terror, the Cheka, and the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War." 

University of St. Petersburg, Russia

CIEE program for language and pre-dissertation research, 1993.

Vassar College                                                                                                                                             

Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude May 1989 in International Studies, area of concentration in East-West relations.   Thesis Topic: “Defining the Roles of ‘Pariah’ Nations in the International State System.”  Thesis awarded Distinction.


DISSERTATION: “In a Court of Law: the Revolutionary Tribunals in the Russian Civil War.”  Principal Advisor: Professor Peter Kenez, History Department, UCSC

My research examines the nature of the justice system developed by the Bolsheviks.  The chapters cover both theoretical issues -- from the legal theories governing revolutionary justice (Chapter Two) to the legacy of the French revolutionary tradition for the tribunals (Chapter Three) -- as well as concrete illustrations of the cases before the tribunals (Chapter Seven) plus the daily workings of the tribunal as an administrative body (Chapter Five).  The legacy of the tribunals continued throughout Soviet history as they instituted the Bolshevik definition of “political” criminal activity which would be utilized most memorably by Stalin in the thirties.



Post-doctoral Fellow, Center for the Study of Law and Society, UC Berkeley, 2001-2002

Mentor: Professor Robert Kagan, Center for Study of Law and Society, UC Berkeley

Research focused on legal theory and jurisprudence issues regarding justice and the relationship of law to society building and expands my dissertation research in two key areas by providing a new disciplinary framework of justice and the implications of the tribunals within a legal framework, as well as grounding the tribunals with additional research on revolutionary legal scholars in a longer tradition of legal development growing out of the French revolution and the Napoleonic codes. 

Associate, Summer Research Laboratory, Russia and East European Center, University of Illinois, 1997 and 1999

Research at Ts.G.A.M.O. (Central State Archive of Moscow Oblast), Moscow, October, 1997    

Fellow at Center for the Study of Russia and the Soviet Union, Moscow, 1994

Research Assistant for Professor Kenez’s work on Lunacharsky funded by the Center for German and European Studies, 1993

Research Assistant for Professor Urban’s work on post-Soviet governmental developments, 1992




Russian, Soviet History, and Post-1991 Russia

European History 1789 to the present, World History, Chinese History: Qing dynasty - today

Comparative Revolutions, Totalitarianism, European Fascism and Nationalism

Legal Studies/Jurisprudence, Police and Terror



Castilleja School - Teacher

2002-present: Economics, AP Macroeconomics, “Cultures and Civilizations” (World History), International Relations,

2004: summer seminar: How to Write a Business Plan

University of California, Santa Cruz - Lecturer

1999-2000: Lecturer in Russian history series, medieval, imperial and Soviet.


University of California, Santa Cruz - Teaching Assistant

Awarded Outstanding TA Award from History Board 1995

History: Nineteenth Century European, Twentieth Century European, Soviet, Imperial Russian, Early Russian, Rebel Movements in China, Qing Dynasty

Politics: Soviet and CIS

Legal Studies

Appointed Head TA over 5 other TAs and 1 reader for History of the Holocaust.  Was responsible for preparing the exams, exam reviews, and paper assignments, coordination and establishment of section curriculum as well as basic administrative duties for a class of 300 students.


Nominated for Supreme Court Judicial Fellows program, 1999-2000

UCSC History Board Outstanding TA award, 1995

UC Regents Fellowship, 1991-1992

Dissertation Writing:

Nominated for UC Humanities Fellowship as candidate from Santa Cruz campus, 1997

Graduate Committee dissertation writing fellowship, 1997-1998

Nominated for NEH dissertation grant as candidate from Santa Cruz campus, 1996

Travel Grants:

History Board travel grant for travel to Summer Research Laboratory,  Russia and East European Center, University of Illinois, June-July, 1997 plus housing grant from the Center

History Board dissertation grant for three months Russia,  1995


ADMINISTRATION, Castilleja School, Palo Alto

  Internship program Coordinator, 2002-2005: place up to 25 students a year with mentors in a wide variety of professional fields for job experience and professional development. 

Career Day coordinator, 2002-2005: secure up too eight business sites to host entire Sophomore class for day of professionalization and shadowing.

SERVICE, University of California, Santa Cruz                                                             

Organized the inaugural program for the History Department’s colloquium series.  Secured monthly speakers and was responsible for all logistics.

Appointed Graduate Student Association representative for History Board graduate students, 1995-7

Graduate Student representative to the GSHIP (Graduate Student Health Insurance) committee, 1995-7

author,    "GSHIP", The Occasional Sluggishness, vol. 3, no. 3, (1996), p. 4.

               "GSHIP Update", The Occasional Sluggishness, vol. 4, no. 3, (1997), p. 4.

History Graduate Committee student representative, 1993-1994

Accreditation review board Humanities graduate student representative, 1994

Community Service        

Tutor, Los Lomita Elementary School, October 2001-2003

Secretary, Ladera Community Association, July 1999-2002


Conference Papers

“Comrade Jurist: Education and Social Change under Bolshevik Revolutionary Law” delivered before the Pacific Coast Branch of the AHA, San Jose, CA, 2004

“Living with the Bolshevik Court System: Society’s Transformation Under the Revolutionary Tribunals,” delivered before the SSSA conference, Corpus Christie, March 2004

“Living with the Bolshevik Court System: Society’s Transformation Under the Revolutionary  Tribunals,” delivered before WRMASS, Las Vegas, March 2003.

  “Call that a Law? N. V. Krylenko and the Russian Revolutionary Tribunals,” delivered before the WCSS (Western Conference of Slavic Studies), Reno, NV  April 17, 2001.

  “In a Court of Law: Bolshevik Revolutionary Justice,” delivered before the SCSS (Southern Conference of Slavic Studies), Richmond, VA  March 25, 1999.

“Revolutionary Law: the Structure of the Revolutionary Tribunals within the Bolshevik System of Justice,” delivered before the AAASS (American Association of Academics in Slavic Studies) National Convention, Boca Raton, FL, September 26, 1998.

“Radicalism in Petrograd: An Issue of Space,” delivered before the Pacific Coast Branch AHA (American Historical Association),  San Diego, CA, August 7, 1998.

“Red Petrograd: People v. the State,” delivered before the SSSA’s (Southwestern Social Science Association) annual conference in Corpus Christi, TX, March 21, 1998.

“Revolutionary Justice and Bolshevik Consolidation of Power,” delivered before Midwest Regional AAASS (American Association of Academics in Slavic Studies), Columbus, OH, April 18, 1997

 “Red Petrograd: Issues of Violence and Revolution in 1918,” delivered before the  INCS’ (Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies) conference, “The Nineteenth Century City: Global Contexts, Local Productions,”  April 8, 1995.

Organizer with Professor Peter Kenez of conference: "Weimar Germany and Russia Today;” Participant  on “Nationalism” panel  with Roman Laba and Professor Michael Urban, May 19, 1995.

Public Lectures

“Justice and the Russian Revolutionary Tribunals, 1917-1921,” Center for the Study of Law and Society, UC Berkeley, February, 2002

“The Revolutionary Tribunals and the Constructions of the Soviet Justice System,” History Department Colloquium Series, UCSC, February, 1998.

“Orthodoxy and Politics in early Russian Nation-State,” UCSC, October, 1997     

“Icons and Kievan Culture,” UCSC, December, 1995         

 “Library and Archival Research in Russia and France,” for the History Board Undergraduate Colloquium Series, December, 1995         

“Current Russian Nationalism and Its History,” UC Politics Board, February, 1994

“Holy Russia,” for the A.A.U.W. (American Association of University Women), Palo Alto, December, 1993


Membership in Professional  Associations

American Historical Association, American Association of University Women, American Association of Women in Slavic Studies, Western Association of Women Historians, Mid-West/Rocky Mountain Regional Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies