After a disaster what can be done to help? Who can best provide that help effectively? These are the questions your fourth quarter project will address.

You will be in three groups each group working on a separate disaster from 2005: tsunami, earthquake, and hurricane. For each disaster you should evaluate the different actors with power in the international state system (states, NGOs, IGOs, and individuals) to determine the level of analysis you believe to be most successful in addressing global disasters. At each level of analysis answer how they addressed the goals of disaster relief and their success level.

To get you started in evaluating disaster relief, check out SPHERE's website which outlines standards for disaster relief and addresses the rigths of global citizens affected by a disaster. The goals of disaster efforts are:

  1. Emergency relief
  2. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
  3. Prevention and Mitigation

I have provided each group with a website to get you started with your research.

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