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The course covers Micro, Macro, and Global economic theories. We will have guest speakers, group projects and a special unit on personal finance and microcredit.


Course Materials
Course Documents:
On-line Course materials:

For certain exercises and experiments we will be using materials developed by Stanford Professor, Paul Romer. You should connect to: http://econ.aplia.com.

Before the next class you need to log in and register.

You will need to check Aplia's syllabus for due dates and materials.


Quarter Projects:
Summer Reading
Alternate years you read either Murder at the Margin or Fatal Equilibrium and get to think about the economics involved in murder

Murder at the Margin: questions

Fatal Equilibrium: questions

Special Units

Learning to master your economic future is a juggling act you never truly master!

For the unit on Personal Finance/Economic Literacy we will be moving through the various aspects of this unit at different times in the course but all the material and the exercises are already listed if you want to go check them out. Some of the work we will do in class together, some you will have time in the library to do, and others you will complete on your own.

When we turn to international economics, we'll consider issues of poverty, development and global equality through the lens of microcredit.

Click here for lesson on microcredit.

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