Personal Finance Unit

Economic Literacy is necessary for planning a sound economic future.  This economics class is not just about economic theory but about economic power for young adults.  Personal finance knowledge provides the economic power necessary to make safe and sound choices.


Economic literacy rests on five money pillars. How to:

We will explore each of these aspects to achieve self-sufficiency.   This unit will be an ongoing unit, and the final grade compiled from several exercises over the course of the semester.  On many issues there is no 'right' answer, rather there is the answer that is right for you in the circumstances, therefore much of the grading will be done on timely completion of the materials and the evidence of thought and preparation those materials present.  Most of this unit is available on the website with links to various other website, but it will be supplemented with outside handouts. This unit as a whole will count as 10% of your semester grade.
The FINAL test!

Congratulations!! Now that you have moved through the 5 pillars you are completely financially literate and economically savvy. Log onto Moneyopolis and click on the play now button to put your new knowledge to use. You will need to register with a screen name; use the course code: casti. To play, you will move through a town participating in a variety of economic activities. The person at the end of the game with the most money will win a PRIZE. To win, you must print out your final earnings and submit them before the next class.

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