Economics 2004 -- Summer Reading Questions

Marshall Jevons, Murder at the Margins, (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press,1993)


1. Recap Characters:  Who are the following characters, and what is their role in the novel?  How do they relate to economics?


Spearman Š




Mrs. Spearman Š




Professor Dyke Š




Justice Foote Š




Ricky LeMans Š





2. Economics in Real Life: find 2 examples of economic behavior in the actions of the characters.  (relate the behavior to Basic Economic Ideas Š BEIÕs)















3. Why did Spearman argue it make economic sense for LeMans to have killed Foote ona Saturday?  What was the BEI at work?








4. If Lemans and Harbley were innocent, why did they confess?  What was the BEI at work?

















5. What economic law did the ClarkÕs violate that made Spearman suspect them?  What were the BEIÕs at work?












6. What behavior caused Spearman to suspect Dyke, but then discount him?  What are the BEIÕs at work?