Pillar Five

Giving Money -

The Philanthropy Project

  We will address this aspect of managing your financial literacy with the first quarter's philanthropy project. The project requirements explain how the project will run. We will have several guest speakers to help us and you will be required to do research on your own. The library has resources for you. link to library. If you are in a place where you will not annoy your neighbors, listen to the following NPR piece on philanthropy in education and the ways donors seek to control their funds. The project will culminate in a two-day "allocation" presentation: you will present your non-profit and advocate for funding decisions.

Philanthropy on a large-scale in American history was the flip side of the "robber barons" in America's Industrial Revolution.

The money, these early capitalists made, became the seeds of many of America's philanthropic foundations.

Examples of philanthropists who create their own foundations are:



(Answer: William Hewlett of HP)

Can you identify this inventor/businessman turned philanthropist? (Hint: his foundation is located up the road on Sand Hill.)

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