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Africa Projects 2014
Pick a country in sub-Sahara Africa and begin to do research on its history and present challenges
Here is what I have tentatively planned:  oral presentation with
accompanying visuals to be completed by May, 2014.  Perhaps
at least one slide to accompany each topic:
1.  Introduction (geography/climate/demography/map/flag)
2.  Colonial experience (who ruled?)
3.  Independence experience (peaceful? violent? Leadership?)
4.  Cold War experience (if relevant)
5.  Present leader/leadership configuration/reference corruption?
6.  Greatest 21st century challenges

The project will take the form of a google presentation*/ppt presentation (your choice)
Minimum of 8 slides (2 of which will be map, flag)  Please minimum bullet points.
*If you choose google presentation option, “share” with me.

I will upload on to the African Studies Website
Presentations = May, 2014

Annotated bibliography (hard copy on day of presentation) in impeccable form
Annotation means more than “This source was useful/not useful because…”)
Comment on bias or p.o.v.
If you use Wikipedia, be sure to go to “Talk” link

1 print source

3 electronic sources (4 if you use Wikipedia)
you may substitute one electronic source for a video or interview

Check library website for correct bibliographic form (or easybib)

Internal citations (only URL acceptable for images/maps/flags) otherwise
cite your sources correctly—I know you know how to do this!

Teni                 Nigeria
Anne               Rwanda
Jackie              Sudan
Samra              Zimbabwe
Natalie             Botswana
Rosie               Madagascar
Yasmin            CAR
Emily              Angola
Bronte             DRC
Jess                 Uganda
Simran             Kenya
Jamie               Mali
Monica            Cameroon
Sarah               Somalia