VII. 2015 Projects

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I. [ Introduction ] [ Zones ]

II. [ African Art ] [ African Rituals ] [ Women ] [ 2015 ]
III. Diaspora [ Slave Trade ]
IV. [ Scramble ]

V. [ South Africa ]
VI. [ Decolonization
VII. [ Projects ]--see below for instructions

DRC--Sarah Rose
Madagascar--Julia McKay
Nigeria--Tina Yau
Malawi--Caoimhe MacRunnels
Liberia--Abby Lowell
Ethiopia--Anna Verwiillow
Swaziland--Corinne May
Uganda--Alexa Blasnek
Angola--Danielle Jacobsen
Sierra Leone--Austin Jacobs
Sudan/South Sudan--Alex Zafran
Ghana--Kiana Borjian
Kenya--Allison Zanolli
Mali--Jess Zubizarreta
Rwanda--Maya Crawford
Egypt--Yasmeen Afifi

Africa Projects 2015
Pick a country in sub-Sahara Africa and begin to do research on its history and present challenges
  I will do South Africa as a kind of model for you to follow.  Start a clipping file.

Here is what I have tentatively planned:  oral presentation with
accompanying visuals to be completed by May, 2015.

1.  Introduction (geography/climate/demography/map/flag)
            Like Unit I
Include some information in your presentation about the ethnic/tribal
demographic of your country; is religion and/or religious conflict

2.  Colonial experience (19th century)
            Who conquered/ruled
            Indirect or direct rule--good job/bad job?
            Settler colony?
Abby and Alexa--why were Liberia and Ethiopia not conquered?
3.  Independence experience
            Violent or not?
        Country prepared for self rule or not?
What kind of violence/civil war/ other characterized late 20th century?

4.  Cold War experience (if relevant)
            Involvement of USA or USSR
            Involvement of you country in other Cold War adventures
            (e.g. Cubans in Angola/Americans in DRC)

5.  Present leader/leadership/ruling structure
            issues of militarism, dictatorship, corruption
6.  Greatest 21st century challenge
            Ebola in West Africa? civil war? HIV-AIDS? Other
Are you optimistic or pessimistic about your country's future?

Annotated bibliography (hard copy to me—details to follow)