BBC News. “Charles Taylor – preacher, warlord and president.” May 2006. Online
Available. < >.

While this article was rather biased against Charles Taylor, it provided a few specifics that I could not find in other sources. It also provided a nice summary of Charles Taylor’s life so far.

“Bokassa, Jean-Bedel.” 2006. Encyclopaedia Britannica. 11 May 2006.
Online Available. < >.

This site was useful as a check of the other site’s information. It has most of the
same information but was very useful to make sure the other sites were not
making up information. This site stated the information without expanding on it.

“Charles Taylor."” April 2006. Wikipedia. Online Available.
< >.

Wikipedia provided a very helpful outline of Charles Taylor’s life. After getting this basic understanding of many aspects, we were able to pursue specific elements through other sources that would be more helpful and/or more legitimate.

Copely, Gregory. “Emperors and Leaders of the Modern Era.” The Crown Council
of Ethiopia. 11. May 2006. Online Available
< >

Gregory Copely wrote a book titled, Ethiopia Reaches Her Hand Unto God:
Imperial Ethiopia’s Unique Symbols, Structures, and the role in the Modern
. This site quotes his book which talks about Emperor Haile Selassie who
was the emperor of Ethiopia before Mengistu. There was a lot of information that
was not needed for this project but some really interesting stuff about Haile

Human Rights Watch. “Ethiopian Dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam.” 24 Nov. 1999.
Human Rights Watch: Backgrounders. 11. May 2006. Online Available.
< >.

This site had the most different information about Mariam. It had most of the information that was found on Wikipedia but it also had more precise information about the horrific acts that were committed during his reign. This site also talked about what happened to Mariam and the Dergue after his reign.

“Jean-Bedel Bokassa.”Wikipedia. 11 May 2006. Online Available
< >.

This site, although not reliable, had a great summary of Bokassa’s life and had
most of the same information found on other sites. It did have some other precise
facts that were not found on other sites. “Mengistu Haile Mariam.” 2006. 11 May 2006. Online
Available < >.

This site had a lot of relevant information about Mariam. It has lots of
information about the problems between the different groups. It even includes information about where Mariam is now.

Simons, Marlise. “The Dutch Try One of Their Own Over Links to Liberia.” The New
York Times
. 3 May 2006, A3.

Marlise Simons’ article was not directly concerned with Charles Taylor, but provided very interesting and supplemental information about his involvement with Guus van Kouwenhoven. The author was relatively subjective, and provided very useful specifics.

“Mengitsu Haile Mariam. Wikipedia.” 11 May 2006. Online Available
< >.

This is a great summary of Mariam’s life even though it is not a very reliable
source since anyone is able to edit the information. Much of the information is
also found on other sites but it has some other facts that were not.

Trial Watch. “Charles Taylor.” May 2006. Online Available.
< >.

While brief, this website contained very exact and concise facts about Charles Taylor’s trial, including specific charges and important dates. It also included many interesting related links and current news concerning his case.

Vassil. “Jean Bedel Bokassa.” 13 Oct. 2005. InformBank. 11. May 2006. Online Available
< >.

This site was the most biased. It was completely against all the hideous acts
committed by Bokassa. It had some very specific facts that were very interesting
which were compared with the article from the Britannica Encyclopedia.