Political Corruption

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Citizens of the United States and of select other countries in the world are lucky enough to be living under a governmental system that appreciates and encourages individual freedom, justice, and a general sense of what constitutes “right versus wrong.” We are a democracy, and as simple and obvious a choice of government this may seem, history shows us that this is not always true. Ensuring freedom and the happiness of everyone and giving everyone a voice is a difficult task. This is perhaps why it took us so long to establish the form of democracy present in our country today. We learned from our mistakes and the mistakes of other countries, and are still learning from our mistakes today. Civilizations that choose this path have taken the difficult path, in a way. In fact, one of the simplest and easiest paths a government can choose is that of an authoritarian dictatorship or totalitarian regime.

            Many countries exist under, or at one point existed under a corrupted regime of this sort. Especially exemplary of the prevalence of this sort of regime is the continent of Africa. We have chosen to examine three counties with political dictatorships: Liberia, Ethiopia, and Central African Republic.