2014 African Art and Country Projects

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Imperialism in Somalia by Sarah Hinstorff
Zimbabwe by Samra Ahmed
DRC by Bronte Kass
Imperialism in Sudan by Jackie Maloney
Cameroon by Monica Taneja
Imperialism in Rwanda by Anne Li
Kenya by Simran Ghumman
Central African Republic by Yasmin Nesbat
Mali by Jamie Kotcher
Nigeria by Teni Amos
Uganda by Jess Norum
Botswana by Natalie Occhipinti
Imperialism by Emily Richardson
Madagascar by Rosie Woloshyn

Jackie's and Simran's google doc on African art

Teni's and Anne's google doc on African art

Jamie's, Monica's, and Sarah's google doc on African art

Samra's and Jess's google doc on African art

Yasmin's, Natalie's and Rosie's google doc on African art

Emily's and Bronte's google doc on African art

Jackie's image (Nigerian warriors/modern)

Jess's image (Nkisi figures)

Samra's image

Sarah's image

Jamie's images

Jamie's image

Bronte's images

Simran also chose this artifact

Rosie's image

Yasmin also chose this sculpture

Teni's and Natalie's image

Anne's image

Monica's image

Emily's image