III. The Revolutionary Era

A. The French Revolution


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Ms. Story's [ French Revolution/Napoleon Power Point ]
[ Industrial Revolution and Germinal ]
[ Ms. Story's Germinal page ] [ Industrial Revolution ]
Keep reading Germinal (recommended = 20-30 minutes per night)

Gerard Dépardieu starred as Maheu in a 1993 movie of Germinal
Clip One shows Étienne Lantier's arrival at the mine in search of work
(24 minutes)
Clip Two shows Maheu helping Étienne rent a room a L'Avantage (2 minutes)
Clip Three shows Rasseneur, Étienne, and Souvarine discussing the economic situation (2 minutes)
Clip Four shows the new pay scale and the slashing of Bonnemort's pension (2:39 min)
Clip Five shows the Hennebeau luncheon celebrating the engagement of Cécile and Négrel and Maheu's plea (9 min)
This clip is important because it explains the clash between the view of management v. the view of labor

[ Bentley - Ziegler Support ]--3rd edition/go to chapter 29
[ Bentley - Ziegler Support ]--4th edition/go to chapter 29


ASSIGNMENTS (Terms below)

B Week Mon., - Fri., 02/2513 - 03/01/13
Mon., - Tues.: Mrs. McKee is in Cuba:
subs = Ms Story for period 1, Ms Lane for period 6
Wed., 02/27--Finish Scientific Awakening
Thurs., 02/28--pd 1 and 6 do not meet
Fri., 03/01--"Women in Science" DBQ

A Week Mon., - Fri., 03/0413 - 03/08/13
Mon., 03/04--Test on Scientific Awakening
Tues., 03/05--Begin III. The Revolutionary Era
A. French Revolution
Bentley-Ziegler, 3rd-4th eds., ch. 29, 781-784, 787-794, 804
Begin French web assignment [ McKee French Revolution Web Site ]
packet/handout on Enlightenment
Keep reading Germinal

B Week Mon., - Th., 03/11/13 - 03/14/13
Keep reading!!!
Wed., 03/13--Slavery DBQ
End of "Quarter"
Fri., 03/15--Faculty Work Day (no school for students)

The following are recommended but definitely not required/are completely optional
Ms. Pojer (another high school history teacher) has produced a very complete ppt of French Rev.
French Rev Power Point
Mount Holyoke College French Revolution-Napoleon Website
[ http://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/rschwart/hist255/kat_anna/1789.html ]
Excellent and very rich site on French Rev
[ http://chnm.gmu.edu/revolution/ ]

Sites below are alsooptional
For a humorous 5-1/2 minute summary/explanation of the French Revolution--part 1
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvSod16wfgg&feature=channel >
French Rev--part 2-- (still humorous, not completely accurate historically)
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTMFtLAS90Q&NR=1 >
Execution of the Queen
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL-4pIctRjA&NR=1 >
And then, there's Lady Gaga version of French Rev
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXsZbkt0yqo >

A. The French Revolution

Olympe de Gouges Rousseau (fraternity, abol. slavery)
John Locke (pop sov, etc) Montesquieu (sep/powers)
Voltaire (freedom) Diderot (abol.slavery)
You do not need to know the names of the philosophers/philosophes;
you do need to be familiar with their ideas and how they influenced the French Ref.

Divine Right of Kings Constitution/Ass'y, Bill of Rights

Questions To Consider:
1. What does the story of Olympe de Gouges reveal about the nature of French society and the goals of the French Revolution?
2. How do the other revolutions (religious, scientific, intellectual) play into or affect the French Revolution?
3. Take special note of how Enlightenment ideas influenced felt on the goals and ideas of the French Revolution
(These are BIG issues for the rest of Unit III)


Ancien Régime Louis XIV/Marie Antoinette Estates General/National Assembly
Bastille/Great Fear Tennis Court Oath Jacobins
Levée en masse LMS/UMS Maximilien Robespierre
Jean-Paul Marat Charlotte Corday Guillotine
Reign of Terror Law on Suspects Cttee of Public Safety
Declaration of Rights Convention Directory

Topics To Consider:
1. Progress of the Revolution
2. Changes brought about by different governing bodies:
National Assembly (1789-1791);
The Convention, Committee of Public Safety(1792-1794);
The Directory (1794-1799.)

Napoleon (1799-1815)












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