The Reformation and Wars of Religion--5

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This map should help--look at it!
Although there is a line/border separating Poland and Lithuania, they comprised one state in the 16th century

(Hammond Historical World Atlas H-23)

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On the utexas map, note "Muscovite Dominions"--that would be Muscovy
The "Kingdom of Poland" and "Grand Principality of Lithuania" are one entity

The "dominions" of Charles V at the time of his abdication (1556)
though the map does not indicate the outline of the Holy Roman Empire
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For additional help on locating areas, territories, and the like, see the maps below:

Europe in the Time of Charles V

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Disregard Lusatia as Hapsburg domain--no other contemporary map attributes Hapsburg rule there

(Bulliet, et al. 517)

Europe during the Reformation

(Tignor, et al. 109)

And another Europe in the time of the Reformation

(Noble, et al. 554)


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