Reformation Vocabulary--for your reviewing pleasure
Reminders from C&C BZ

[ Reformation ]

Page 631
Indulgence--pardon, forgiveness of sins after confession and penance
Hypocrisy--false modesty, saying one thing/meaning another
Absolve--forgiveness of sins
Galvanize--energize, put into motion
Excommunicate--ban/bar from the sacraments; evict from the Church
Dissent--to disagree or go against the rules; dissenter = one who dissents
Protestant--Christian who "protested" against abuses, such as sale of indulgences, in the Roman Catholic Shurch
Page 632
Consolidation--bring together, make firm, unite
Prolific--generous, rich, widespread
Page 633
Lay--outside the Church, the common folk
Prohibit--ban, bar, forbid
Sever--cut off
Codify--put into order, regularize
Coherent--sensible, in order
Page 634
Inconceivable--unbelievable, incredible
Intermittently--from time to time
Seminary--religious school, school for priests
Page 635
Lewd--sensual, sexually aggressive
Sporadic--from time to time (intermittent)
Afflicted--affected with, came down with
Page 636
Flotilla--a large number of ships/warships, syn. = armada
Aggravate--make worse
Escalate--increase, cause to go up
Suppress--Crush, put down
Culminate--end up with, come together as a result
Viability--can stand on its own
Page 637
Enhance--improve, make better, beautify
Subordinates--underlings, inferiors
Augment--improve, add to, make better
Revenue--income, usually refers to taxes
Sovereign--fully independent
Devise--make up, create
Dissolution--disintegration, coming apart, seizure
Page 638
Assert--put forward, demand
Forestall--anticipate in advance, prevernt
Page 639
Marshal--bring together, gather up
Curb--control, bring to a halt
Levied--raised, gathered, as in taxes
Confiscate--seize, refers to land or other property
Page 640
Implement--put into effect
Adversaries--enemies, opponents
Ferret--search out, find
Heresy--going against accepted beliefs
Intimidate--frighten, force to back down
Orthodoxy--the accepted belief system, what is considered correct