The Moderns--1
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Modern art had deep roots in the 19th century and "...drew on the powerful emotional quality of Van Gogh
and on the bold color and line of Gauguin..." (Witt 408). Contemporary intellectual currents,
such as Freudianism, infleunced art as artists sought to depict the "deep, hidden drives of human beings..." (408).
Artists rejected the dehumanizing materialism of bourgeois capitalism. Then, the Great War's
cataclysm of death and destruction heightened their condemnation of traditional values,
rendered absurd or ridiculous the entire apparatus of the Western past.
"It is hardly surprising that the mechanized mass killing[s] of the First World War"
drove artists and other thoughtful individuals to despair. (409)

[ Matisse and the Fauvists ]

[ Braque and Picasso ]

[ Klimt and Klee and Kirchner ]

[ Kandinsky and Chagall ]

[ Duchamp and Beckmann ]

[ Munch and Dali ]