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Stalin presented himself as the patron and friend of all the member nationalities in the USSR, here (left) depicting himself as the benefactor of the Azerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic. "Long Live the Great Stalin!" (right)

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Stalin ensured that his place in history would be secure by re-writing it, in particular the visual history of his role (or non-role) in the Revolution, as well as eliminating the roles--and even the existence--of Old Bolsheviks whose contributions had been more significant than his own. In this pair of photographs, Stalin saw to it that Trotsky disappeared, did not exist in the early days of Bolshevism.

Stalin's Georgian old pal, Yenukidze, sat next to fellow Stalinist Molotov in a 1934 picture (left.) The murder of Kirov late that year triggered the era of the Great Terror. Yenukidze was airbrushed out of a 1937 version of the same photo.
The ever-expanding tentacles of the Purges and Stalin's re-writing of Soviet history were further evident in these photographs. The first (left) is from 1925, before Stalin consolidated his power or the elimination of the Old Bolsheviks; the second (right) "doctored" picture literally erased the existence of former Party members and leaders.


For more on the "vanishing Bolsheviks," visit
< > a site created by Father Richard Rolfs
at Loyola Marymount University. It is well worth a visit to see how Stalin,
at first awkwardly and then with more sophistication and before Photoshop,
re-wrote Russian and Soviet history, expanding his own role and significance.

***Propaganda Images for Animal Farm poem, "Comrade Napoleon"***
Seminar led by Kiana and Maddie
Fri., 11/13/15

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Lindsay's image is particularly interesting because it is a variation on an earlier propaganda poster. In this one, the bottom text reads "for killing our parents." The original text read something like "for our happy childhood." No way, without understanding Russian, that Lindsay could know the original v. altered version.

Leena and Paris chose this poster

What's up with the blue ties?

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This poster from 1951 is part of the Hoover Institution Exhibit (October, 2015 - March 2016 entitled "Double Exposure: Rissia's Secret Police under the Last Tsars.") The exhibit was interesting because it focused on the Okhrana and the Combat Organization of the Socialist Revolutionaries. There was quite a bit, however, on Trotsky. It's worth of visit if you have time. More than the Bolsheviks, the SRs relied on and used woman in their organization, even in their "killing squads."

The text above reads, "Under the Leadership of the Great Stalin, Forward to Communism!"

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Propagada Images--Fri., 11/14/14 for Animal Farm

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