IV. The Race to the 20th Century:
The Great War

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For information on the Romanovs and background to Russian Revolution,
and the revolutionaries, visit
[ The Last Tsar ] [ Russian Revolutionaries ]

Link to BZ 3rd edition [ http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072957549/student_view0/powerweb.html ]
Link to BZ 4th edition [ http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073406937/student_view0/index.html ]

B--Week of Mon., - Fri., 03/25/13 - 03/29/13
Mon., 03/25--Test on French Rev
Continue to work on/complete Germinal
Fri., 03/29--Germinal/Industrial Revolution DBQ

A--Week of Mon., - Fri., 04/01/13 - 04/05/13
Mon., 04/01--Wrap up French Rev/Germinal
Tues., 04/02--Begin IV. Race to the 20th century
Wed., 04/03--Germinal Image Essay

handouts, etc.: ***Begin reading BZ, ch. 34, work on maps***
pp. in BZ: 945-962, 964-967 ("after the war" in next unit)
To help you on the Imperialism Map
http://users.erols.com/mwhite28/1907powr.htm >
http://www.maps.com/ref_map.aspx?pid=11406 >
visit [ 20th Century Maps ]--and see B-Z

B--Mon., - Fri., 04/08/13 - 04/12/13
Imperialism video--excellent summary
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJe1W_HIWmA&feature=related >
World War I--"Total War"--Advance cursor to 18:37 ("The White Man's War")
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKfsWtJ8R_c >
Fri., 04/12--Maps due

SPRING BREAK--Watch your Movie
(Not an assignment, but recommended: Plot Summary due Fri., May 3)

A Week--Mon., - Fri., 04/22/13 - 04/26/13--Nothing due this week!
Mon., 04/22--Return to School (YAY!!!)
***Tues., 04/23--9s go to NASA*** (pds 4 and 6 do not meet)
period 6 misses its conference period because of NASA trip
Keep reading BZ ch 34 (pages assigned/see above) working on web assignment
Tues., 04/23--NSP period 1. Wed., 04/24--NSP for period 6
And, oh yes, keep reading
Th., 04/25--periods 1 and 6 do not meet
Fri., 04/26--Founder's Day/Dress Whites (periods 4 and 7 do not meet)
BZ--Chapter 34 review on The Great War
< http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073406937/student_view0/chapter34/ >

B Week--Mon., - Fri., 04/29/13 - 05/03/13
***Mon., 04/29--TEST on WWI***
Begin reading Night
Fri., 05/03--movie plot summary due

Franz Ferdinand Triple Entente Triple Alliance
Schlieffen Plan Battles of Marne/Western Front Battle of Tannenberg/Eastern Frong
Trench Warfare Stalemate/no man's land Propaganda
Gallipoli Russian Revolution unrestricted submarine warfare
"Girls with Yellow Hands" Zeppelin/"Zep" attacks Ireland, Mexico
naval blockade "dreadnoughts" tanks/airplanes/gas
Woodrow Wilson Somme/"Pals" Batallions Captain Algeo

Topics to consider:
Nationalism in the Balkans
What is new about The Great War?
What is a stalemate and why does it occur on the Western Front?
How does the war alter women's roles?
How/why does The Great War constitute a truly global/world conflict?
Why did America enter the war--Did it change the outcome?


Mon., - Fri., 04/23/12 - 04/27/12
Mon., 04/23--TEST--web assignment due (this means due--don't forget!)
Tues., 04/24--begin reading Night; re-read BZ, ch 34, pp. 967-972;
BZ, ch. 35, 36 (pp. 985-990, 994-1001, 1031-1057)
"Between the Wars" map; WWII/Holocaust web assignment
http://castinet.castilleja.org/private/faculty/peggy_mckee/WWIIHolocaust/wwii.html >
Fri., 04/27--Founder's Day (Dress Whites)--periods 4 and 7 do not meet