Antisovietism and its Role in the Facade

Mobutu was dubbed by the United States as an Anti-Communist because of his role in the Cold War (see the Cold War page). Therefore, the US had got its share of the bargain after Lumumba's death. The Congo was no longer a potential problem, and Lumumba was dead. Meanwhile, Mobutu still needed diplomatic and financial help from outside nations. Congo was just beginning its life; nobody in the country knew how to run a nation, there was no federal treasury, and the people did not even have a language in common. So, the US, still thankful for Mobutu's anti-Sovietism, helped to raise the baby nation. It was somewhere in here that things went awry. Perhaps Mobutu knew more about running a nation than he let on. He had the army on his side, after all, so keeping riots down was not a problem. Mobutu was quite intelligent, and perhaps he saw that he could ask for anything from his rich allies and easily get it. So, Mobutu would often remind the US of his allegiance, even executing some of his enemies on a communist-killing basis. In general, Mobutu would assure the US that his nation was doing just fine; occasionally, he would invent a problem so the US would send him money.


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